Oil & Gas: Onshore Production: Projects

A partial listing of MEI Maverick Engineering’s onshore production facility project experience is as follows:


Developed a model of the well/facility deliverability of a 50 well portion of a sour gas field to debottleneck and upgrade the gathering system. Field data and well performance were gathered to validate model results. MEI personnel then performed detailed sensitivity analyses considering economics, deliverability and future well development as variables. The most economical solution that met all evaluation criteria was then recommended. After client approval, MEI completed the turnkey installation of 2600 BHP of sour gas compression. Highlights included: project management, complete detailed design to DOT specifications, hazard analyses, complete grass roots installations including separation, fluid handling, flare systems and noise abatement buildings, commissioning of each site and ongoing operation.


Provided project management, production and facility engineering & design, operations and construction support to the optimization of 100 + wells on compression in South Texas. Total production for the system was approximately 35 MMSCFD. System included: 15 miles of gathering lines, 10 satellite facilities, and 20 compression units, totaling 6500 BHP. Project included advance planning to accommodate the drilling of 30 new wells and the transition of these wells into existing production compression system. System achieved 10% better NPV than forecast after two years of the program.


Provided project management, production and facility engineering & design, and construction support to promote the acceleration of production of 60 BCF in reserves. Production engineering included forecasting of flowing pressures and rates, and determination of optimum flowrates considering corrosion, erosion, mechanical limits and reservoir limitations. Facility engineering included design and installation of 5 compressor facilities totaling 8000 BHP. Design challenges included high production temperatures and installation within an active development drilling program.


Gathered production data from client geologists and reservoir engineers, prepared the project development schedule for the field with input from drilling personnel, and prepared conceptual designs of several potential development options. The entire development process was then simulated using well success, time, facility cost, peak deliverability, environmental constraints and reserves as variables. The development scenario that generated the best expected economic scenario was then selected for implementation. As the field was developed and new information was obtained, the analysis was updated and revisions to the project execution plan were implemented.


Provided project management, production and facility engineering & design, and procurement and construction support to first install an optimization pilot and then to expand results of the pilot to full field optimization. Production engineering consisted of inflow performance analysis and recommendations to obtain flowing pressure information due to inconsistencies between theoretical capacity and actual performance. After downhole optimization, a satellite compressor was installed to provide an additional stage of compression to nine wells. Wells realized a sustained 19% uplift after six months of the pilot. The pilot was then expanded to include approximately 50 wells. Expansion included: modification of existing pipeline infrastructure, re-commissioning of an idle pipeline and compressor, re-cylindering of another compressor, and installing one new compressor. System realized a 24% uplift when evaluated six months after project completion.


Provided project management, production and facility engineering support to optimize this WAG field. Modeling included: inflow performance, surface gathering, distribution systems, and injection performance on both water and nitrogen injectors. MEI provided technical support to the client's optimization team to determine feasibility of project.


Provided project management and engineering support to facilitate an aggressive infill drilling program within a mature gas field. Project included: evaluation of existing compressor configurations, analysis of both operating and idle pipeline assets, and forecasting of production volumes based on drilling schedule. Project also included installation of pipeline segments to connect existing assets to achieve greater capacity.


Provided project management and EPC services to reconfigure 800 BHP of compression and install 800 BHP of new compression in this sour gas field. Scope included: recommissioning of idle gathering line, upgrading liquids handling systems for anticipated uplift, adding separation and flare infrastructure and optimizing tankage system. Project also included complete design effort and PHA of new as well as old facilities and mitigation of hazards. Field realized 38% uplift when measured six months after start-up.