Oil & Gas: Bulk Liquid or Gas Terminals

Whether it is at the wellhead or in a Central Processing Facility, regardless of whether it is raw crude and natural gas, produced water, condensate, LPG, or LNG, the Oil & Gas Industry must have a place to store gases and liquids for processing, import, or export.

MEI Maverick Engineering has the experience and capabilities to meet your needs for Greenfield and Brownfield storage system projects, including:

  • Front-end design packages
  • Detailed Engineering & Design
  • Procurement, including purchasing, expediting, and inspection services
  • Project Controls (Cost Control and Scheduling)
  • Total Installed Cost Estimates (per AACE guidelines)
  • Construction services & management
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning & Startup services

Gas Storage

Natural gas can be stored in one of the following means:

  • Underground storage
    • depleted gas reservoirs (most common)
    • aquiferreservoirs
    • salt cavern reservoirs
  • LNG Storage
  • Pipelines (line packing, or the practice of packing more gas through overpressure of the pipeline)

Import/Export Terminals

A terminal is a facility designed to store and ship raw and final products, either liquid or gas. Bulk storage tanks, pipelines, and bulk loading and unloading systems form an integral part of these facilities. MEI can be of service with your complete terminal design, including:

  • Hydraulic analysis and system specifications
  • Storage tanks
  • Pumps/pumping stations
  • Compressors/compressor stations
  • Piping manifolds
  • Pipeline design
  • Bulk product loading and unloading systems for truck, rail, and marine barge or ship
  • Vapor emission control systems (vapor recovery or vapor combustion)
  • Marine jetties
  • Marine vapor recovery systems – design
  • Marine vapor recovery systems  - USCG certifications
  • Fire & hazard detection and protection
  • Control systems
  • Communication and security systems
  • Power distribution
  • Terminal modifications and upgrades for liquid or gas systems