Infrastructure: Roads & Drainage: Projects

County Roads 52 & 69 Improvements

Reconstruction of 7,553 feet of 2-lane asphalt roadway into a 3-lane asphalt road with a continuous left turn lane and roadside ditches. Included 1,400 feet of drainage ditch, culverts, minor earthwork, accessibility ramps, temporary traffic control, and relocation of one traffic signal. MEI provided the design of a storm water outfall ditch that was not constructed and accounts for a portion of budget overage.

North Port Avenue

Design of reconstruction of approximately 7,800 feet of roadway. The major improvements involved the reconstruction of existing 4 lane asphalt road as a concrete roadway with curb and gutter. The completed roadway also included upgraded storm water sewers, water lines, and waste water lines, as well as upgraded sidewalks, driveways, traffic signage, street lighting and pavement markings. Survey services were also provided for topographic surveys and right of way acquisition. Construction observation services were performed according to Texas Department of Transportation standards for daily reports, weekly reports and payment requests.

Up River Road

Project involved the reconstruction of 10,000 feet of a two lane asphalt roadway as a two lane asphalt roadway with an upgraded pavement section designed to accommodate increased traffic flows. Improvements included re-graded roadside ditches, driveway culverts, traffic signage and pavement markings. Survey and right of way acquisition parcel maps were also provided for the project. Construction observation was performed which included coordination of gas pipeline relocations and gas pipeline abandonment.

Cimarron Boulevard Phases 1 &2

Designed two phases of roadway reconstruction within city limits. The project included 10,000 linear feet of reconstruction of an existing two-lane roadway as a concrete five-lane roadway. Major design elements included curb and gutter, sidewalks, pavement markings, signage, traffic control, storm water drainage, 16 inch water line improvements, sanitary sewer improvements and traffic signal improvements. Services also encompassed construction observation which required daily and weekly job progress reports along with payment submittal review and field design changes.

Nueces Electric Co-op County Road 52 Extension

Design involved the construction of 2,158 feet of two lane asphalt roadway with shoulder. Other improvements include drainage culverts, roadside ditches, traffic signing and striping, and storm water pollution prevention plans. A topographic survey and right of way acquisition parcel maps were also prepared for the project.

 Horne Road Project

The project consists of one mile of 41 foot back to back roadway improvements along with numerous storm water, sanitary sewer and water line improvements.

McArdle Road Improvements

Phase I: Design for the complete reconstruction of a three lane city street between Weber and Everhart Roads. Project included all drainage, paving, curb and gutter, signage, and traffic control. Phase III: The project consists of approximately 2850 linear feet of 62 foot back to back roadway improvements along with numerous stormwater, sanitary sewer and waterline improvements.

Hampshire Road Improvements

The project consisted of 1600 linear feet of 28 foot back to back roadway section. The project elements included paving, grading, curb and gutter, drainage, signage and traffic control.

Flint Hills Resources East Plant Storm Water Study

MEI performed a hydraulic analysis of the existing storm water drainage system of the East Plant. The analysis included estimating the peak flow for the extreme event, evaluating the existing gravity system, and revaluating the existing pressure system. MEI provided a recommendation for improvements that included replacing the existing 20” header pipe to improve capacity of the system.