Infrastructure: Rail

MEI Maverick Engineering, a wholly owned subsidiary of Triple 5 Worldwide, has the engineering and project management services to insure the proper planning, design, integration, and construction of your rail line project, whether it be a new rail line, retrofitting an out of date line, or simply expanding an existing rail system. Our project team will work with the railroads and appropriate transportation agencies to provide the most cost-effective, innovative, and safe solution for your rail project.

railingMEI provides a complete range of services to meet the needs of your rail and transit project:

  • Project and program management
  • Project risk management
  • Feasibility studies, planning and preliminary design
  • Detailed planning, design, and construction management
  • Civil and structural facilities
  • Surface, elevated, and underground structures
  • Value Engineering
  • Operations and systems analysis
  • Testing, start-up, and commissioning
  • Advanced train control systems
  • Transit communications and security
  • Rail control centers, stations, terminals, and platforms
  • Maintenance facilities, yards, and terminals

Successful rail projects must include the right technology, a cost-effective and safe design, and quality project management. MEI can deliver all three on your next project.

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