Infrastructure: Marine: Projects

Bob Hall Pier

Engineered and constructed at a cost of 1.3 million dollars, and paid for by the Federal Government. The pier is 1,240 feet long and 15.5 feet wide, with the T-Head at the end being 165 feet long and a little over 19 feet wide.

Dock One Open Pavilion - Port of Corpus Christi Authority

The initial phase involved removal of the northern half of the Cargo Dock One adjacent to the ship channel and construction of concrete pavilion with a large open deck for public use. The entry to the Open Pavilion is an approach which incorporates an existing monument as part of the design. The angled bridge diverts the visitor away from the commercial port activities with more direct access to public parking. The deck, with its patterned brick pavers, white tent structures and small seating planters situated through the pavilion, portrays a nautical theme appropriate to this waterfront setting. MEI provided complete engineering for the replacement of existing 50 year old timber structure cargo dock with new concrete structure dock further expanding open pavilion for the public's use.

Cruise Terminal - Port of Corpus Christi Authority

Completed a Phase I Engineering Design of modifying an existing dock facility above water. Work included design of new building and modifying an existing building.

Dock #1 – Citgo, Corpus Christi

Design and construction management of new breasting and mooring structures to upgrade existing facility to receive 70,000 DWT ships. Project also included barge fendering system and rehabilitation of existing timber dock. Work also included design of pressurized dockhouse. A dock extension project was added to accommodate a Vapor Recovery skid and a 25T crane.

Dock #2 - Citgo, Corpus Christi

Complete design of hose handling crane support system and the vapor recovery skid and related piping support system.

Dock #7 - Citgo, Corpus Christi

Complete condition survey inspections and engineering for the refurbishment/repair of existing concrete dock and installation of new barge fendering system.

Dock #8 - Citgo, Corpus Christi

Complete engineering involving marine, civil, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines for major reconstruction/rehabilitation of existing 43 year old facility. Project consisted of new breasting and mooring structures, partial reconstruction of dock and approachway area, pressurized dockhouse and hose handling crane system. Approximately 80% of existing dock was salvaged as a result of thorough field inspections.

Our scope included an assessment report of the damage sustained to the breasting structures including preliminary construction cost estimates, and finally preparing a full detailed design construction package.

Oil Docks 4 and 7 - Port of Corpus Christi Authority

Complete engineering design of new mooring structure involving alternate design of monopile and 9 pile structure. Work also involved existing condition assessment inspection and replacement of existing deteriorated pipe supports with extensive concrete repairs and cathodic protection.

Oil Dock 4, 7, and 11 - Port of Corpus Christi Authority

Design work for mooring system improvements around Avery Point Turning Basin. Total of 8 new mooring structures were added at the three adjacent docks. Prior to final design work, a system analysis study was completed in order to justify need and location of structures to minimize vessel drift magnitude at the most narrow section of the ship channel.

Dock #2 - Southwestern Refining Company, Corpus Christi

Complete engineering design for addition of 3 mooring structures, barge fendering system, timber dock structure rehabilitation work, replacement of all crude oil and product piping system, dockhouse, electrical, and hose handling crane system. Also responsible for the detailed structural condition assessment work prior to design work.

Dock #3 - Southwestern Refining Company, Corpus Christi

Complete dock condition survey and engineering design for upgrading existing 85,000 DWT Dock to 135,000 DWT vessel capacity. Design included mooring and breasting structures, piping, dockhouse, electrical, and hose handling crane system.

Wharf Pier 1 - Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi

Complete field inspections and engineering for rehabilitation of existing small craft dock facility.

Dock Upgrade - Carco Refinery, Savannah GA

Design and construction management of upgrading of existing dock facility for berthing of 65,000 DWT ships. Project involved reconstruction of existing bulkhead enclosed docking facility with new bulkhead, breasting and mooring systems, four loading arm systems, piping, instrumentation and electrical system. Also included in scope was the detailed existing condition survey work prior to detailed design work.

“A” Dock Rehabilitation - Citgo, Lake Charles LA

Completed existing dock condition assessment, feasibility study with Project Design Basis and AFE cost estimate for “A” Dock Rehabilitation Project.

“B” Dock Project - Citgo, Lake Charles LA

Completed “B” Dock Project Screen and Evaluation Study. Our scope included analyzing existing bulkhead stresses after discounting the corrosion losses to determine urgency of bulkhead replacement/rehabilitation requirements. In addition, review of feasibility study prepared by others will be performed. Alternative solutions will be prepared with detailed economic analysis.