Surveying: Roads & Highways

MEI Maverick Engineering is uniquely qualified to assist you with right-of-way retracement surveys or design surveys in preparation for construction of roads and highways. We have provided these services for cities, counties, and the State of Texas. Our staff has 30 years of experience in these types of surveys. We understand the requirements that may be unique to your projects, and will work with you to develop cost-effective scopes and solutions.


MEI is currently working on a 52 mile design survey for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) on US 285 between the town of Pecos and the New Mexico State line. Scope includes surveying a digital terrain model of the existing 150-foot wide right-of-way in preparation for complete reconstruction of the roadway and addition of passing lanes. The scope also includes a retracement survey of the existing right-of-way lines to ensure all construction is taking place within the State’s right-of-way.

MEI has done numerous design surveys on other highways throughout the State of Texas. These surveys have included hydraulic cross-sections for bridge widenings, digital terrain models across the existing right-of-way where the construction will be done, and surveying all signs and pavement markings. Most of the work has been done in the Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Yoakum Districts. MEI’s project manager has approximately 30 years of experience on these types of surveys.


MEI’s project manager has 30 years of experience in performing right-of-way surveys and right-of-way retracement surveys for TxDOT. We have surveyed over 600 right-of-way parcels where new right-of-way is being acquired by TxDOT for highway widenings and improvements. These right-of-way surveys include all abstracting and research on the parent tract deeds, setting and building monuments to mark the new right-of-way lines, and developing the property descriptions and plats to be used in preparing the deeds. Representative projects include the survey of 70 parcels for ramp reversals on SH 358 (SPID) in Corpus Christi, 60 parcels for the widening of LOOP 1604 in San Antonio, and 70 parcels for the widening of SH 36 between Sealy and Bellville.

MEI has also performed numerous right-of-way retracement surveys for TxDOT. The scopes for these projects include retracing the existing right-of-way lines of the highways and setting new concrete monuments on those right-of-way lines. Representative projects include the retracement of approximately 15 miles of Park Rd 37 in Bandera and Medina Counties, 5 miles of FM 2444 in Nueces County, and 10 miles of FM 479 in Kerr County. MEI has also performed retracement surveys on numerous other FM highways throughout the State of Texas.